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Creative Process

An adaptive process to reflect our clients needs, offering a tailor made experience to achieve results that deliver.

All branding projects will be managed and directed by Mattia Pini, you will work directly with him. Other experienced members of the Angry Art team will collaborate for more specific services when needed.



It is essential to understand well your project, your business and your goals,

so that we can determine the direction we are going to follow. We gather this information thanks to our concise questionnaire, and clear communication.


We conduct competitive and visual research on your product, your industry, and your unique selling proposition, leveraging what we learn in the discovery phase to decide what visual and conceptual directions to take, in order to effectively represent your brand's core values and business objectives.




After establishing a clear path for the brand, we begin to design and explore, focusing on creating a visual identity that conveys the brand message clearly and effectively. Communication is essential at this stage, as ongoing feedback is critical to ensure that the end result reflects your vision, both conceptually and visually.


The delivery phase is the final step in the creative process. We will provide you with all the ready-to-use assets that you need to successfully launch your brand, making sure everything is in line with your vision and meets your expectations.

If requested we will also provide ongoing support to ensure that you apply all branding assets effectively and with consistency over platforms and channels.


Did you like the process?

Let's put it into practice.

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