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Founded by the Italian logo designer Mattia Pini, Angry Art focuses on creating powerful identities, branding masterpieces.


Branding Artists.

The identity of your brand is what defines it and make it unique, this is why here at Angry Art we take branding really seriously.

A strong, flawless identity helps your brand to be recognized by everyone, and it all starts from your logo. A great logo creates trust, professionalism, it's the first image you have in mind, when you think of a brand, this is how important it is.

Angry Art knows this well and is commited to creating extraordinary logos and branding that really make the difference, bringing your brand to a completely different level.


The name Angry Art was inspired by the Iconic Logo near it, which was created by Mattia while sketching. It wasn't his initial intent to create this symbol, but after some drawings, a squared, angry face with a basque took shape, reminding the look of an angry artist.

"The best ideas come mostly by chance, create opportunities, and you'll do something great."  -   Mattia Pini, Angry Art Founder

Give your brand a new, fresh identity, have a look at our Logo design process to know more about it

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